The Fire

In July 2022, the main clubroom in the Pavilion was seriously damaged by fire resulting in the closure of the building for public use. Since then, the pavilion committee, in conjunction with the Parish Council, users and village residents, have been working on plans to improve the facilities for current and long-term needs of the community.

Supporting Our Project

Plans have now been approved which means we can start on the refurbishment and extension of the building to accommodate different sports teams and community events.

Significant funds have already been secured however we need YOUR help to raise additional funds to complete the project.

We need to raise an additional £75,000 by September 2023 to ensure our project can go ahead and reach completion before the end of the year.

Please visit our Good Exchange page to find out how you can donate today.

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The project scope

Since 2021 pavilion use has increased significantly resulting in the need for additional on-site storage and clubroom space. Requirements include:

Clubroom (Main Hall)

The clubroom (main hall) at the pavilion measures approximately 40 square metres of usable space. Historically this has been adequate, however more footprint is now required to accommodate the needs of the clubs and other hirers.

Seating capacity within the clubroom is limited to circa 24 people.

  • Better facilities are required post-match for all players (including substitutes) and officials wherever possible. Although this is not currently a mandate for the current division, rules continue to be updated each season. An improved environment will help the club maintain and grow its current success.
  • Silchester Cricket Club also provides match day catering facilities, which cannot be fully accommodated within the current environment.
  • The community café has grown significantly since its opening and, similar to other users, requires additional indoor seating. Capacity has been reduced to twenty people to provide greater and safer serving space. During the summer months the outside café space provides further capacity, however in the winter months the existing internal space may not continue to be economically viable.
  • Currently, new user groups cannot be accommodated due to lack of floor space for classes.

A clubroom extension, providing increased capacity, will meet the needs of existing users and allow for greater diversity of user groups using the facility for the benefit of the village.

Although not fully calculated at this stage, it is anticipated that substantial further income would be generated from increased utilisation to be used for various village projects.

Other Facilities

  • Provision of disabled facilities – There are no disabled facilities at the pavilion and currently there is no space available to make this provision. The requirement will be included in the new plans
  • Improved shower facilities – a requirement for improved shower facilities for officials has been identified by the Hampshire Football League. These need to be in place for 2022/3 season

Facilities Improvement Proposal

The proposal for improved facilities at the pavilion is as follows:

  • Extend the pavilion to the rear of the building by 2 metres width along the length of the building
  • Incorporate existing stores into the main building by removing the current internal wall.

The extension will provide:

  • Improved toilet facilities, including disabled toilets
  • Improved shower facilities for both players and officials to meet current and future cricket and football regulations
  • Improved storage space
  • Improved kitchen facilities
  • Increased social space for additional sporting activities

The extension will be completed in the same style as the existing building including pitch roof, timber cladding, veranda and front gable with clock-tower.

Additional glass doors will be added to the front of the building to improve its visual appearance and provide greater light in club areas.

Proposed Extension Plans